find God, don’t get lost in all the glitter or gold
because to make it it takes more than a sinister’s soul
i’m not claiming to be a saint, I’ve never been one before
I’ll split a wig like a rello, but don’t fill it with smoke

it’s not only acceptable, it’s exceptional

god bless your soul


wondering off, in and out of a consciousness

pondering concepts that I haven’t quite conjured yet

follow me on to another anomaly

where the brain waves halt, but they’re still working properly

there’s gotta something other than what I’m living in

I’m one of the idiots that are blissfully ignorant

I’m dying for blessings, and yet I’m living in sin again 

ever since the beginning I’m been waiting to finish this

my heart, brain, and soul are so overloaded

gotta keep em separated so there’s no explosion

no telling when they’re ready to go

like an atom split in the middle

yo I’m ready to blow

holding tight to the folding of space

'cause in the time that I don't 

I’m all over the place

my matter scattering out of the pattern battling fate

until the only emotion that I can channel is hate

imagine that, like twenty four hours a day

all seven days of week, what a repetitive state


I not only have anything to appreciate, but everything. 

some of that buull shit

I muster up some words

but nothing close to how I’m feeling

something deep inside of me

was missing you

while I was dealing with myself

kneeling on the floor

staring at the ceiling 

I was trying to make some sense

of what my senses were revealing

trying to find the vacancy inside of me so I could fill it

this void is so annoying

now I’m boring, not appealing

anymore of this from you

and you’ll be forcing me to feel it

you’re my source of insecurities

of course, that I was steering

I floored it down the wrong path

according to my spirit

see the vibe was often wrong

and all distorted in appearance

I was high while you were low

and vice verses interference’s 

find a fine line between listening

from when you’re hearing this


we’ve had some nice times, doing the right crimes

our lights shined like stars shooting through the night sky


tick tock 

the clock is the remedy

everyday’s a new one

but it isn’t for infinity

we’re not living in an afterlife

or any type of simile

but we’re laughing at some bastards fight

for “freedom” or religious needs

we sacrifice entire lives

for shit we never seem to see

and wages seem to stay remote

to masters of the puppetry

i wonder why the fuck these people

seem to love to fuck with peace

but patience is a virtue

not a way to get what you need

mind fuck the public like subliminal pornography 

caught up in a mind game labeled mental sodomy

where no one seems to give a shit

or dare to share apologies

just keep to feeding flames

deleting reason and ecology

the presidents just represent

the present day anomalies

there’s evidence we’re probably

just living within a monopoly

Untitled: Helpless self indulgence


How do I love, I love with every fiber of my being every shred of my knowing every thought that’s going through space time in our minds eye every second that goes by and every person that says….hello but then they go never to be seen again and they disappear into the wind but hey you’ve got that…


I’m an old soul, although this place is unfamiliar

I must have been a butterfly before a caterpillar

to come

infinite intuition this wisdom is instrumental

what used to be music is now beautifuly beneficial

tk m bck

take me away to days when it was alright

I ought to know better but I’ve been caught up on it all night

take me back to the nights when it was real legit

I swear to God that I would give my life to get the feel of it

take the pain away, or force me to explore it all

I’m in the sky, flying high, right before I fall

take me back to the words I wish I never said

or take me back to the past I should have never left 

the possibilities are infinite and yet

I’m positive the negatives are all I’ll ever get

like dreams come true

walk and have a talk with me

lets release our secret minds

so we can bind a sacred place of peace

for keeping safe inside

I realized between the lines

you’ve redefined my space and time

we’re intertwining, so I find

while you’re the rhythm, I’m the rhyme

Hello, Beautiful

no I’m not yet used to you

although that doesn’t mean

that I don’t have a plan or use for you

it’s just unusual for me

to find somebody suitable

and truthfully

I think that I would be afraid of loosing you